VLC version distributed on www.m-audio.com

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Wed Aug 14 00:51:10 CEST 2002


I have just noticed that the website http://www.m-audio.com/ 
distributes a modified version of VLC 0.4.3, which adds AC3 output to 
our Mac OS X version. The LICENCE and AUTHORS files have been 
preserved, and I have seen your name in it, hence I'm contacting you.

We have no problem with enhancements provided by external companies. 
Several of our biggest advances have been contributed by companies. 
You are even perfectly allowed to distribute such a modified version. 
However, as per the GPL licence, you are legally obliged to 
distribute the source code of the modified version along with the 
binary, under the GPL licence too. I have searched around, I haven't 
found the source code for your version of VLC on m-audio.com.

Thus, I kindly request you or your company to make the source code 
(or a patch against the official 0.4.3 version) available, either to 
us or on your website. As a side note, the features you add are 
absolutely great and most wanted from our users, and I'm willing to 
integrate your patches in the next released versions of VLC. Of 
course, you or your company would be credited for that.

Sincerly yours,

Christophe Massiot, for the VideoLAN project.

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