[RFC] new build configuration scheme

Xavier Marchesini xav at via.ecp.fr
Thu Aug 29 16:05:23 CEST 2002

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>   1. there is no way to do an "autoprobe" run, checking all possible
> libraries and autoselecting modules that can be built.
>   2. similarly to 1., plugins are sometimes chosen while they have no
> real reason to be built (for instance, X11 under MacOS X).
>   3. there is no way to choose whether a module will be compiled as
> a plugin or as a builtin from the commandline, you need to tune the
> resulting Makefile.config afterwards.
>   4. Makefile.config is almost impossible to edit for a normal human
> being; this is because the format is a compromise between human
> readability and build automation... as a result, we get 3. as well as
> disastrous build speed because of the shell magic involved (see the
> bottom of Makefile.old, or Makefile.modules)

OK with you there.

>    My suggestion is: let's tune the config file before launching
> configure. Have a simple file (similar to the Linux kernel's .config)
> parsed by ./configure, with simple lines like this:
> plugin video_output/x11/x11 video_output/aa
> plugin video_output/sdl
> builtin video_output/x11/xvideo
> disable video_output/ggi
> plugin audio_output/sdl
> builtin audio_output/oss
> disable audio_output/alsa audio_output/arts

And what about an XML-style format ?

Something like :
  <plugins>directx, sdl</plugins>
  <builtins />

This would be annoying at first, but this would be very flexible, and
we could as an example define stg like <video path="video_output">, and
that would solve the problem with sdl.

btw, I have no idea on how to parse this in a ./configure script :)

xav, new tek addikt

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