[vlc-devel] My Mac OS X User Friendly Nib

Dan Macpherson dan at ecks.org
Tue Dec 3 01:50:41 CET 2002

I'm working on a user friendly nib for the mac environment.
I have a few questions about the source vlc source code:
what is the playlist meant be used for in the current nib? (dvd, 
vcd,personal files and urls?)
is vlc multidocument ready? at what level is it ready for multiple 
(platform independent/ mac components?)
who should I send my Nib file to? who is currently working on the mac 

My Nib is multidoc ready, but the source underpinnings are missing.
the names of the classes differ from that of vlc mac source.
my Nib is being revised almost every day, adding classes and connecting 
this thing was put together in jaguar, should be compatible with 10.1.
there would still be a significant amount of work to get this nib 
working with the current source.

anyways, if your interested, it looks pretty...
dan at ecks.org

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