[vlc-devel] problems with pause button on mac os-x

David Weber david_weber at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 09:02:52 CET 2002

i don't know if this is already a known problem, or if it affects other 

playing movies on my g4/2x500 with vlc (all versions) i always had 
sound (wineing music) and drop-out problems. the funny thing was, i had 
more problems with mpeg1 than with divx movies. a friend of mine, who 
uses a powerbook (g4/1x500) for vlc, told me that he has no problems at 
all. (so it was not a performance problem)

my failure was, that i always paused the movies at start, to drag the 
window to my second screen to watch them on my tv set. i realized that 
the longer, i stay in pause mode, the sound gets worse afterwards.

so now i don't pause my movies anymore and everything plays fine !!!

it looks like something does not stop when pause is pressed (a 
counter?). and so the synchronization between sound and image gone 



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