[vlc-devel] Re: Building VLC from CVS

Stephane stephane at virtuosomedia.nl
Sat Dec 14 22:46:13 CET 2002

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> Onderwerp: [vlc-devel] Re: Building VLC from CVS
> On Saturday 14 December 2002 22:14, Stephane wrote:
> > I was wondering if a solution was found yet for this problem? I have
> > just dl'ed the latest CVS tree and am trying to cross-compile via MinGW
> and
> > MSYS.
> > After installing the various tools (autoconf, automake, gettext (which
> fails
> > on utime.h :( ) I run bootstrap and ./configure. All seems ok,
> but it ends
> > on the same 'config.status: creating Makefile'.
> > Is it possible/necessary to use Cygwin for the configure step?
> And what do
> I
> > need for this?
> >
> You can use cygwin to compile vlc, just make sure you read the
> INSTALL.win32
> file carefully before that.
> The problem with Msys+Mingw hasn't been solved yet (Actually I
> didn't look
> at it recently), but MsysDTK-1.0.0 and MSYS-1.0.8 have been
> released a few
> days ago, so it would be worth giving them a try. I haven't tried them
> myself yet but I surely will.
> --
> Gildas

I am using MsysDTK-1.0.0 with MSYS-1.0.8 (still did have to install autoconf
and automake,
since the m4 files are missing in the DTK). This did not solve the problem,

Will try Cygwin then, but I understand this results in a dependency on


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