[vlc-devel] Re: VLC 0.5.0-test2 ?

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Thu Dec 26 14:33:44 CET 2002

> On Thu, Dec 26, 2002, Stephan Assmus wrote:
> > Any help appreciated. Obvioulsy, it must be possible to build vlc 
> > on
> > BeOS. If I get it to build, I can help get the BeOS version up to 
> > speed
> > for a 0.5.0 test 2 release.
> Great, that would be nice.

No promises, I have very little time until January 6.

> > Though the bootstrap process recommended building without plugins, 
> > I
> > try that now. Maybe it works anyways and even links.
> Actually, I always build it with plugins and get no linkage error. 
> BTW,
> I don't really know which method is the best in theory... (?)

Ok, I will try that.

> Here is a liba52 build you can use :
> <http://videolan.titer.org/a52dec-0.7.4.tgz>

Thanks, greatly appreciated! Anything else I will need to build the 
same test binary as you?


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