[vlc-devel] Re: VLC 0.5.0-test2 ?

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Thu Dec 26 17:58:28 CET 2002

> On Thu, Dec 26, 2002, Stephan Assmus wrote:
> > I managed to compile vlc 0.5.0 with Eric's and Christophe's help. 
> > The
> > thing I produced launches, displays the GUI and even video. It 
> > doesn't
> > have any sound though and crashes in the player_control or 
> > sometimes
> > input thread.
> Mmmh, are you sure you have upgraded to the latest CVS ?

I checked it out as it is at the moment.

> I thought I had fixed any crash in the BeOS audio output :|
> Any related error messages ?

Oh I see. "player control" is from the audio output. Well, vlc doesn't 
print anything interesting in the Terminal:

$ vlc
VideoLAN Client 0.5.0-cvs Natalya
[00000117] main input: playlist item `/Arbeiten/stippi/movies/Ice 
[00000117] avi input error: failed to start subtitle demux

And this is the stack crawl:

loading symbols
segment violation occurred
+0065  ec091305:   *        072b0f    movntps (%edi), %xmm0
player control:sc
   frame         retaddr
player control:

> > Should I check in my changes I had to make on AudioOutput.cpp and
> > VlcWrapper.cpp (needed to add extern "C" {} to some includes)?
> I think you can check in whatever you want, if it does not break
> anything. Bugfixes are always welcome ;)

Well, it could be just my build, maybe the bootstrap process didn't 
work correctly, maybe the error only happens when plugins are disabled, 
or maybe something is messed up with your tree and the cvs version is 
not the same. If you check out vlc into a clean folder, then bootstrap 
with your more recent auto-tools and configure disabling plugins, you 
should end up with a build that resembles mine, only that you 
bootstrapped with more recent autoconf/-make and used a newer gcc. If 
that build works, then we know the error, and I need more recent auto-
tools and/or gcc. If your vlc build crashes just like mine does, then 
you could configure with plugins enabled. Depending on the outcome of 
that, the error is either the plugins - if your second build works, or, 
if it doesn't, your original tree might be messed up and you need to 
find the difference with the tree from cvs.

Keep me posted and best regards,

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