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>   * Fixed stuff in the wall filter. Extended syntax:
>      --filter wall         % open a wall (3x3 is the default value)
>      --filter wall:2       % open a 2x2 wall
>      --filter wall:3x2     % open a 3x2 wall
>      --filter wall:2x1:0   % open a 2x1 wall, only display block 0
>      --filter wall:2:0,3   % open a 2x2 wall, only display blocks 0
and 3

Great ! it seems to work for me, in combination with vlms
and multicast. My goal is to use on a 4x2 systems (8 projectors
+ 1 master node). But I still have a problem with fullscreen :
the image is not scaled, if I use fullscreen or specifiy
directly the size, like that:
    --filter wall:2x1:0 --width 1024 --height 768

Is there a way to get the image scaled in each block ?

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