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Michel LESPINASSE walken at
Wed Feb 6 03:27:26 CET 2002

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 12:02:06AM +0100, Christophe Massiot wrote:
> This is a good initiative, Gildas, though I know of at least two 
> persons who were planning to do it themselves and I didn't expect 
> you'd do it. The reason we didn't do it earlier is that current 
> liba52 isn't thread-safe, which will cause race-conditions on 
> play-list change.
> Michel and I have already talked about that (actually we know each 
> other quite well :) and Michel doesn't have time to make liba52 
> reentrant. Neither do I. Yet, he'll be very glad to accept a patch to 
> make liba52 reentrant. Do you want to take this ? O:-)

I'm not sure how much of an issue the reentrancy stuff is for you, but
I'm always glad to see my code being used :)

In case someone's interested, the reentrancy problems in liba52 are in
imdct.c (this one is probably easy to fix) and in the bit parsing code
(this one is more annoying, really. I'd like to make this code use a
bit shifter algorithm comparable to what libmpeg2 does, but I never
really got around to it yet. There are probably efficiency gains to be
attained there too, since parsing is starting to get really close to
the top of the gprof stats now).


Michel "Walken" LESPINASSE
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