"real" fullscreen

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Tue Feb 12 22:56:06 CET 2002

On Wednesday 06 February 2002 09:35, Peter Surda wrote:
> Hi guys!
> There was some debate and changes about fullscreen behaviour. The current
> problem is, that upon fullscreen stuff like kde panel is still visible. This
> can be solved by setting the window transient, but then you can't have the
> interface over it, right?


> Xine seems to have no problems with this, so I looked at xine source. They 
> the video window transient, and if you "toggle the interface" while in
> fullscreen, the interface gets set transient as well and this solves the
> problem.

Ok, good to know but it doesn't solve everything because for example your 
video window can loose the focus and not respond anymore to keyboard inputs 
even though it will still be displayed on top of everything else. Ok this is 
a minor problem because you still have the mouse and can interact with the 
interface, but still I'm not entirely comfortable with this method.
What I would like to do is provide the user with the option to choose the 
method he prefers. But first we need to rewrite the configuration part of vlc 
so that it's easier to add plugin specific options (by easier I mean less 
kludgy ;-).



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