Possible bug in vlc

Thomas L. Wood twood at lucent.com
Tue Jan 8 19:44:58 CET 2002


    I've been working with vlc-0.2.91 & vlc-0.2.92 as a client to
MPEG-2 Transport stream.  The problem came about when
vlc decoded the quantization matrix extension message. It
appears a portion of the  code in function QuantMatrixExtension
was repeated incorrectly.

    In file vpar_headers.c (v line 1059 seems to be a 
duplication of
the intent of line 1048.  When the second set of lines were
commented out, the video (slice 1 of the I-frame) was rendered
correctly. The effect of the error was to consume part of the code
word that defined slice 1 of the I-frame that follows the Quant
extension message.

    Hopefully you find this helpful.


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