Changes from Ogle

H}kan Hjort d95hjort at
Sun Jan 20 18:42:24 CET 2002


just commited some of the changes we did for the patched version that
Ogle have been using.  I've discussed this with sam and stef.

css.c |  227 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------------
css.h |   18 +----
2 files changed, 116 insertions(+), 129 deletions(-)

The commit message should be quite clear I hope.  It's some
simplification, which in it self is good, to bring it closer to the
ogle version.  At the same time I also merged a few fixes. 
1) always do the auth sequence, some drives seem to say that they are
authenictated but then trying to read an encrypted sector you get an
2) Getting the ASF (Authenticated state flag) does not requier or depend
on a AGID (authentication grand id) even though it perhaps should.
3) When invalidating an AGID, you need to specify which one, don't
always pick 0.  There are 4 of them so when failing to get a AGID try
invalidating echa one in turn and re-request an AGID each time.  Give
up when we've tried them all.

There are more to come (this was about 1/3 of the current changes).

Håkan Hjort
d95hjort at

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