Vlc client crash log for macosx

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Mon Jan 21 23:16:21 CET 2002

À (At) 15:04 +0100 21/01/02, Julian Mayer écrivait (wrote) :

>I'm running the latest binary macosx vlc and it constantly crashes when
>opening a VCD file
>Crash logs are attached
>I#ve tried compiling tha latest vlc from cvs but it didnt compile
>Greetings, julian
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>-- Type: application/octet-stream
>-- File: vlc.crash.log

The log file has been stripped by our mailing list manager, could you 
send it again in the body of your mail ? Thanks.

Christophe Massiot.

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