Xinerama support ??

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at
Sat Jul 6 13:06:42 CEST 2002

Hi fellow coders,

I'm experiencing a cool feature with my laptop : xinerama.

As I do not know in which stage this is to be set, I'm asking wether it
would be interesting to implement xinerama support in vlc.

So as I'm both programming Ogg/Vorbis plugin and plan to develop
xinerama support, can somebody tell me if it is vlc role to manage
xinerama or if it has to be managed by the windowmanager.

Any good pointers will help me.

BTW, when I watch a movie with vlc and switch to fullscreen mode, the
movie is not correctly set onto the two screens. What I want to do is to well
display the movie onto the 2 screens. I think this is the xinerama role
but maybe I am wrong, so please tell me ;)



P.S :Sorry if I am not very clear.

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