Xinerama plugin or builtin ??

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at
Sun Jul 7 17:24:55 CEST 2002

Hello world,

As I said in another post, I was working on a xinerama support for vlc.

Today xinerama works for the fullscreen mode but I think this is not enough to do.

In fact, I have to prevent interface windows to be splitted between 2 screens etc...

So I want to know if xinerama should not be an entire plugin or builtin module and/or 
if the configure script should detect the presence of this extension and declare
a "HAVE_XINERAMA" somewhere to be used for windows placement and further things.

I think, I'd better do a general plugin/builtin module to manage things but I want 
you to give me advice.

Another thing, why when switching into fullscreen-mode, we create a "blank" window ? I know
there is a good reason but I can not figure out which it is ;) This is annoying when using
xinerama because we have 50% chances to have this window onto the bad screen (the one we are
working on) so I am asking me whether I can disable it when using xinerama or not. Any
idea is welcome :)


X-In-No-Sense: Nonsense
X-Whatever: no

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