0x00: Splash screen (VLC Splash Screen)

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at fxgsproject.org
Tue Jul 9 02:52:05 CEST 2002

Jon Lech Johansen <jon at nanocrew.net> disait récemment que :

> On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 07:17:00PM +0200, Xavier MAILLARD (zedek at fxgsproject.org) wrote:
>> > The white area under "VideoLAN" is where the credits (AUTHORS) would
>> > scroll.
>>   Like Gimp does ?
> GIMP scrolls credits horizontally, but this will scroll vertically.
Are you in charge of that ?? I would be interested by such a thing even
if it dos not seem very important :)

>>   Not The GIMP(TM) but only The Gimp or at worst The GIMP(GPL) !!
> The GIMP(TM) is more amusing ;)
No more entertainment ! This is a serious damage to the OpenSource
community :) 



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