more subtitles, and a couple of crashes

Andrew Flintham amf at
Tue Jul 9 21:37:40 CEST 2002

I've ported my subtitler module to work with the latest CVS version of vlc.
It sounds like I need to wait for input-III before my subtitler can work
properly, but I thought I'd make it available anyway in case any of it is of
interest to anyone. You can download it from:

I've also taken the opportunity to move the subtitle plotting code into a
different file, allowing it to be used on its own, rather than as part of my
subtitler module. This is probably the most useful bit of the subtitler right
now; for example, the above tarball has an example patch which displays a
subtitle whenever full screen mode is toggled.

While working on this, I found that toggling full screen mode whilst a
subpicture is present causes my vlc to segfault, making the above example a
bad one. This happens even on the latest CVS version of vlc before I've made
any changes to it (ie, with the 'spudec' module rather than my 'subtitler'
one). A pathological way to demonstrate this is to play a DVD and hold the
'f' key down such that vlc repeatedly toggles in and out of full screen mode;
vlc crashes a couple of seconds after the first subtitle is shown. When the
same DVD is played without subtitles, vlc doesn't crash, even with the 'f'
key held down. It isn't consistent; sometimes, toggling full screen mode once
whilst a subpicture is present will crash it; sometimes it takes a few times.

(as I said, this has nothing to do with my 'subtitler' module; the same
behaviour occurs on an unmodified vlc using only 'spudec')

Also, x11 output segfaults shortly after the first frame, regardless of
pictures. xvideo output works fine. Curiously, x11 output also segfaulted in
vlc 0.4.1, but worked happily for me in vlc 0.4.0.

I've attached vlc-log.txt output for both crashes in case they tell you
something; I'm running Redhat 7.1 with an nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 8Mb graphics card
using the "nvidia" X server if that makes any difference.


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