cda support ?

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Mon Jul 29 07:05:18 CEST 2002

Loïc Minier <lool at> disait récemment que :

> Henri Fallon <henri at> - Sun, Jul 28, 2002:
>> Do you think we would rather just send a "play" signal to the cdplayer
>> and let lthe system handle it, as most of the cd players do, or do we
>> want to transfer the data through the bus and spawn an input and a
>> output ... ?
>   Both make sense I think.

I agree.

>   I think libcdaudio and libcdparanoia do exactly the two jobs, and you
> have with xmms these functionnalities offered in two plugins.
>   I'm not against the idea, but I want to suggest another one:
> writing a xmms io-plugin wrapper would be a nicer challenge.  And that
> would avoid some things to be rewritten.

Hum, I may be wrong, but haven't you tried already to implement a xmms
plugin ? I know you have posted something into this ML yet but can't
remember when and what you were talkin' about.

>   A lot of persons already thought of adapting an effect-plugin, 

Oh I guess this was that: an effect plugin.

>why not an io-plugin?

This is a good idea but why not to do a cda support directly implemented
into the vlc code ? I think this is not too difficult to add this
feature but it depends on the way we wanna do it.

On the other part, If I wanted to add cda support, it was to, finally,
get rid of all the other multimedia programs. My wish was to replace the
whole set of multimedia software with vlc not to give concurence another
plugin that would lead to exclusive superiority of this software (even
if it is a good piece of software).
So ...


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