0_5_0 branch active ?

Robert CHERAMY robert at cheramy.net
Tue Jun 4 20:06:31 CEST 2002

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002, Xavier MAILLARD wrote:
> Just a few things I want to ask. As you just have released the 0.4.1
> version of vlc, is the v0_4_1_branch always active or do we have to work
> against a new branch ?

I think a v0_4_2_branch will be created *IF* there are bugs that should
be corrected in VLC 0.4.1 that can't wait next major release.

Code for next major release should go into vlc main branch (most changes
have been ported from v0_4_1_branch to main branch... I think sam will
also do this for his just-in-time commits about g***e)

The main branch will be tagged v0_5 (or what ever) just before the release.

Hum, while writing this, I'm looking at 'cvs log gnome_interface.c' and
I see that v0_4_1 and v0_4_1_branch are out of sync :
symbolic names:
	v0_4_1: 1.27
	v0_4_0: 1.27

vlc-0.4.1.tar.gz was apparently build using v0_4_1_branch.

Souldn't v0_4_1_branch be tagged again as v0_4_1 (I don't know if it is
possible) or the changes backported ?
I think sam will do this when he'll have a CVS access, it's just a
reminder for him ;-)

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