Inconsistency in input syntax ?

Xavier Marchesini xav at
Mon Mar 18 21:17:54 CET 2002


Ipkiss and I have noticed that the syntax that should be used for
udpstream is : "vlc udpstream://host", whereas the syntax for dvd
is "vlc dvd:device at ...", and http input, as an example, is "vlc

As a consequence, at the moment, network input doesn't work if you
use "vlc udp://host" or if you use the interface to specify an host.
(Alexis, could you confirm please ? :)) - we got an error like that one :

input: access 'udp', demux '', name '//'
input: opening server=// local=:0
BuildLocalAddr: unknown host //

So, I see two options :

 - get rid of the '//' (not a good idea because url IS usually
foo://bar) ;

 - use '//' for dvd input (yeah, but not really pretty : vlc
dvd:///dev/dvd@...) ;

To my mind, the second solution is the best.

Any ideas, opinions, solutions ?


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