Inconsistency in input syntax ?

Alexis de Lattre alexis at
Mon Mar 18 21:32:35 CET 2002

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002, Xavier Marchesini wrote:
> As a consequence, at the moment, network input doesn't work if you
> use "vlc udp://host" or if you use the interface to specify an host.
> (Alexis, could you confirm please ? :)) - we got an error like that one :

I confirm, network input is not working when launched from the
interface. My vlc is built with the latest CVS.

alexis at footix% vlc -vvv


module: locking interface module `gnome'
intf: interface initialized
intf: added `udpstream://viaform@:1242' to playlist
intf: creating new input thread
input: playlist item `udpstream://viaform@:1242'
input: access `udpstream', demux `', name `//viaform@:1242'
input: opening server=//viaform:0 local=:1242
thread info: 1026 (input) has been created ((null):0)
ipv4 warning: socket buffer size is 0x1fffe instead of 0x80000
BuildLocalAddr: unknown host //viaform
ipv4 error: cannot build remote address
ipv6 error: cannot create socket (Famille d'adresses non supportée par le protocole)
module error: requested access module `udpstream' unavailable
input error: no suitable access plug-in for `udpstream/://viaform'
thread info: 1026 has been joined ((null):0)
module: unlocking module `gnome'


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