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Loïc Minier lool at
Tue Mar 26 00:48:23 CET 2002

  Why the preferences window sucks, and why it isn't its fault :

*   It's too big : this is because of the huge clists (the tables with
  the list of available plugins) and the fact that some tabs have two
  clists (with exactly the same options).
    To solve this we should have different module types for the filter
  and *out plugins. First this would cause the clist to be half so big
  because it would only list the plugins of one type, second the tabs
  would only hold one clist instead of two. It is not an easy task
  because it is actually necessary for filter modules to look exactly
  like *out modules.
    Another way to solve this (but I think we have to implement the
  first solution anyway) would to use a combo box instead of the clist
  where we could choose only one of the modules, and aside of it a
  "Configuration" button which would open a new window where we could
  configure all plugins of the current type (thanks to fenrir and sam
  for suggesting this).

*   A lot of descriptions are missing. They are defined in
  src/interface/main.c as "_text" and "_longtext" definitions. If you
  have some time it would be cool to add some of these because they are
  used in tooltips.

*   The highlight of checkboxes is not extended to the description
  beside them which confuses the user. If you know a way of achieving
  this in gtk, I'm interested. This is because of the gtk structure used
  to align the descriptions verticaly, this structure also makes the
  tooltip between the description and the widget (if you place the
  cursor between them). This is actually something I consider as a BUG
  but it's a lot of dirty work to correct it and is not so disturbing.

*   For things like the audio output format, we need a new type of
  module option where you can only choose one. The same type could be
  used for a plugin selection (for example --vout could only be x11, xv,
  or sdl and not any string like in the "Selected :" text box right now).
    Another example of this would be audio output frequency, but it
  should be read of the output device (not in the interface code of
  course), and this is non-trivial.

   Help and critics needed,

Loïc Minier <lool at>

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