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Jean-Paul Saman saman at
Thu May 2 11:08:51 CEST 2002

Laurent Aimar wrote:
> On Wed, May 01, 2002, Laurent Aimar wrote:
>>>if (p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->i_rate != p_libmad_pcm->samplerate)
>>>	intf_ErrMsg( "mad_adec: libmad_output samplerate is changing from [%d] Hz 
>>>to [%d] Hz, sample size [%d], error_code [%0x]",
>>>                    p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->i_rate, 
>>>      		     p_libmad_pcm->length, 
>>>p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->i_rate = p_libmad_pcm->samplerate;
>  I'v want to add that if i set ADEC_FRAME_SIZE to half is value in
> mad_adec.h for this file the sound become good.

It does not solve the problem. I noticed the audio to be faster then it 
should be (at least twice) when running with avi plugin. Which gives a 
nice effect, Jean-Claude sounded just like Donald Duck :-).

One of my own MPEG2 files sounds terrible with current CVS version. 
While in vlc-0.3.1 stable versions it is OK. So my guess is that it is 
not simple related to mad or avi plugin, there is more to it.

Because audio with avi plugin plays to fast and that there is dts and 
pts handling in avi plugin. It is worth to look at that code again. Some 
where in this discussion you said that the file is MPEG1 layer 3, but I 
did not see a SelectES for MPEG1 layer3 only for MPEG2 layer 3. Is n't 
that a bug?

I would say the audio (and probably video) dts and pts handling is broke 
in current cvs.

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