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Laurent Aimar fenrir at
Sat May 4 05:37:00 CEST 2002

On Sat, May 04, 2002, cvs at wrote:
> Log Message:
> Aout fifo adapts it size according to the length of the first frame. 
> The change is needed for MPEG1/2 layer III, because the size of output pcm from mad_decoder is different. 
> Sadly, the buffer underruns are back ;-(.

	Thanks, mad now work with more file, but:

 I've found some file where length of pcm frame is not constant along a
same file :(( , can you try to find a way to handle this ? (perhaps by
open fifo to maximum ( 1152 ) and have a new variable to remember if the
last fifo has been filled  or not ie if last length was 1152 or 556 )

 Another problem: with mono file, mad open fifo for the right number
of channels but next, if it find mono frame, it do as if there is two
channels, and it set the right channel to 0. Perhaps it would be better
to open fifo for 2 channels, and if there is frames with one channel set
the other equal to the first .


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