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a really great idea the videolan-project.

I try to get a streaming connection with linux-vls (SUSE 7.2  kernel 2.4.4)
windows2000-vlc.      (vls 0.3.1. and vlc 0.3.1.)

I use a 100 Mbps-LAN for that purpose.

At the moment the only fileformat I can stream is *.vob, but I do need
streaming of 
mpeg2-TS files.

I tried streaming mpeg's with the same file in TS and PS option in input.cfg
but nothing worked.
Even streaming on the same box (localhost streaming) doesn't work.
If I load mpeg's form HDD then it's ok, on both boxes (lin & win).

The video of vob-file streams are chopped.

Tere are the questions:	

 -  works any other output plug-in except directx under windows?
 -  the VLC stoped working and told me that an error log will be created.
 -  where is it stored?
 -  how can I find it?

Do anybody no an advice?


GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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