0.3.x and 0.4.x releases

Tony Castley tony at castley.net
Thu May 9 04:45:55 CEST 2002

>    So please keep your new features for 0.4.0, and make sure all your
> bugfixes are finished before 0.3.2 in two weeks!
> -- 
> Sam.

I hate to say it Sam but the "fixes" of the I420_YUY2 code for the BeOS 
problems haven't fixed it.  It now compiles but segfaults when running.

segment violation occurred
+029a  8008fe16:   *        136e0f    movd    (%ebx), %mm2
video output:sc
   frame         retaddr
non-resident page encountered - cannot determine if leaf routine. 

I want to fix the segfault on exit from VLC for BeOS and implement the 
standard code to handle the different "stride" of some Overlay images 
before 0.3.2.


Tony Castley

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