[BeOS] broken overlay support

Eric Petit titer at via.ecp.fr
Mon May 13 06:17:50 CEST 2002


It looks like the BeOS overlay doesn't work anymore since the 
modifications which have been made to the yuy2 chroma plugin (just 
after the 0.3.1 release). I got a green picture and a segfault (in the 
"video output" thread) just after I press the "play" button. There is 
no problem in RGB mode (--nooverlay option). I own a GeforceDDR and 
I've been told it was the same thing with a Geforce2MX, but i don't 
know if it is a NVidia specific bug.
When I take the 0.3.1 chroma plugin directory, put it into today's CVS 
and compile all this, it works well (mmm, divx _and_ overlay...)

Eric <titer at via.ecp.fr>

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