BeOS Bugs Correction

Tony Castley tony at
Sun May 19 17:00:35 CEST 2002

both actually I am just testing the Chroma again.  

Looks like if I enable debug, or disable mmx I get no problems with the 
I420_YUY2 conversion. This appears to be an issue with the asm code in 
module.  The only solution that the BeOS development community could 
come up with is to convert all the asm into NASM modules.  This effects 
BeOS and QNX. 

But I also need to be able to set the properties on the pic to say that 
the overlay bitmap's storage is wider than its real pixel width.  I 
believe some work was done to allow this to be set independant of any 
plugin.  I am fitting a nVidia card in today to test how it behaves in 
BeOS.  But I am unsure which properties to set, if someone could 
outline them it will make my job very quick.

Thanks Tony

>On Sun, May 19, 2002, Tony Castley wrote:
>> I have to get the new code working for the BeOS nVidia cards.  I 
>> moved the code to use more efficient Overlay code.  This requires me 
>> utilize the "new" pitch/stride mechanism of the Video Output code.  
>> someone can give me some tips I will have it done very quickly.
>   On which side? Chroma transformation module, or video output 
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