VLC 0.4.0 release

Tony Castley tony at castley.net
Sun May 19 21:27:54 CEST 2002

>À (At) 9:58 -0500 19/05/2002, Tony Castley écrivait (wrote) :
>>But I also need to be able to set the properties on the pic to say 
>>the overlay bitmap's storage is wider than its real pixel width.  I
>>believe some work was done to allow this to be set independant of any
>>plugin.  I am fitting a nVidia card in today to test how it behaves 
>>BeOS.  But I am unsure which properties to set, if someone could
>>outline them it will make my job very quick.
>In video.h, plane_t structure, have a look at i_pitch.
>Christophe Massiot.

I have had a look at pitch now with a GeForce card, I can get small 
movies ie <400px width to work fine.  However DVD movies don't.  What 
are the margin, hidden and visible_bytes for?


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