VLC 0.4.0 release

Tony Castley tony at castley.net
Mon May 20 02:41:51 CEST 2002

>On Sun, May 19, 2002, Tony Castley wrote:
>> I have had a look at pitch now with a GeForce card, I can get small 
>> movies ie <400px width to work fine.  However DVD movies don't.  
>> are the margin, hidden and visible_bytes for?
>   margin should be set to 1 if the physical picture is bigger than 
>visible area. visible_bytes is the visible picture width, and hidden
>should be set to 1 if the "non-visible" part of the picture can be
>safely written to.
>   For instance, if you have a 250 pixel-wide picture, and the 
>system pads lines to multiples of 16, it'll allocate a 256 pixel-wide
>area, and you'll have the following values:
>    i_pitch = 256
>    b_margin = 1
>    b_hidden = 1
>    i_visible_bytes = 250
>   Please not however that, as stated in the BUGS file, most chroma
>transformation routines completely ignore margins, which may lead to
>unexpected results.
Thanks Sam

I now have code that sets the i_pitch and other values correctly.  
However it still does not work.  I would guess that the chroma used by 
the nVidia card does not support the function.  Can you check the 
chroma for "chroma_i420_yuy2".  If you could fix this one at least 
nearly all BeOS overlays would work.

Thanks again


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