[long] internal PSI demux and decoder

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Thu May 30 00:57:54 CEST 2002

À (At) 23:44 +0200 24/05/2002, Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou 
écrivait (wrote) :

>Have a look to the code of TSDemuxPSI()...
>First when p[i] is a u8 (p[i] & 0xF) << 8 is zero (a detail). Moreover

I thought I had already taken care of all of these, I'm surprised 
some of them escaped.

>The internal PSI handler of vlc didn't, doesn't and won't [1] handle
>multiple sections.

Which hasn't been a problem for a year, since we had never noticed 
that. But whatever.

>The internal PSI handler of vlc is very hard to maintain in an
>intermediate state between ugliness/kludginess/bugginess/whatyouwant and
>full ISO compliance whereas libdvbpsi is supposed to be full ISO
>compliant. If someone with a lot of courage wants to patch it so that it
>can handle multiple sections, he will loose a lot of time to rewrite
>what libdvbpsi already does.

Nobody ever said we want to rewrite libdvbpsi. Stop imagining things.

>So imho I think we should leave the internal PSI handler of vlc in the
>trash box and check that libdvbpsi works on all the plateforms supported
>by vlc. It currently works on Linux-i386, Mac OS X, probably all Linux-*
>and maybe with some little patches on all the plateforms man has thought
>of in his entire life.

I don't see the point in making all that noise, except for upsetting 
old VLC developers & friends. I have told you clearly, on many 
occasions, that I back libdvbpsi, and that libdvbpsi was meant to 
replace the internal SI decoder of VLC. There's no point arguing 
while everyone agrees on that.

The reason libdvbpsi isn't compiled in by default is because 
integrating a new library in VLC has always proved a difficult 
exercise. See the mess with libdvdcss and libdvdread. When 0.4.0 went 
out we hadn't had time to test libdvbpsi on all supported platforms 
and thus couldn't make it mandatory.

[as a side note, I remind you that we don't have yet a nice fix for 
libdvbpsi on Mac OS X, and I heard Win32 compilation isn't trivial. 
That alone makes that we can't drop the built-in SI manager yet]

We want to provide a smooth transition to libdvbpsi. I hope libdvbpsi 
will be stable enough by 0.5.0 to be made the default SI decoder.

Christophe Massiot.

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