[vlc-devel] [ANN] VideoLAN Client 0.4.5 for iPaq Familiar Linux

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Tue Nov 5 00:26:03 CET 2002

The VideoLAN team is excited to announce version 0.4.5 of VLC for iPaq 
familiar Linux. The VideoLAN Client is a multimedia player for MPEG, 
DVD, VCD and DivX for most operating systems.

VLC 0.4.5 is a minor maintenance release. It supports:

* DivX support (Divx on iPaq is still slow.)
* MPEG 1/2 support
* MP3 support
* Network input (udp://@:1234, rtp://@:1234, http://<site-url>)
* Local file from disk
* Brand new GTK+ interface for iPaq familiar Linux v0.6
* support for Qt/embedded
* New --iface-addr option to select which interface to use for multicast
* RTP input support,
* Fix for the LPCM decoder on big-endian machines,
* Can read streams from VLS 0.4.0, and streams with A/52 coming from the
    American television. It is still possible to read from VLC 0.3.x with
    the --vls-backwards-compat option.

The full ChangeLog is at : http://www.videolan.org/vlc/changelog.html

You can download VLC 0.4.5 for iPaq familiar interface using HTTP or FTP:


Note: The vlc_0.4.5_arm.ipk depends on libsdl from familiar v0.6.

iPaq Familiar Linux port page can be found on:


VLC 0.4.5 is also available for other architectures the original
announcement about this can be found on:


You can download VLC 0.4.5 for other architectures using HTTP or FTP :


I remind you that VideoLAN is an open project and you can contribute to
it. For more information, please read:



For the VideoLAN team,

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