[vlc-devel] Changing transport protocol

Heok Kee Oon oonheokkee78 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 04:53:13 CEST 2002


   I'm interested in trying to use vlc to stream MPEG1
or 2 file over a network using a totally different
transport protocol.

   As in most of the mails I've read, vls is using
UDP/IP. I've looked at the file
'../vlc-0.4.4/plugins/network/ipv4.c' and I see
functions inside like OpenUDP and OpenTCP.

   My question is, in order to change the transport
protocol, is this the only file I be looking for and
changing? And I'll have to recompile the source codes
all over again?

   Thank you and regards.

Oon, Heok Kee

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