[vlc-devel] Re: help compiling win32 plugin

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Wed Oct 9 15:06:18 CEST 2002

On Wednesday 09 October 2002 14:32, Graeme Ogilvie wrote:
> You weren't kidding... It really is a pain.
> I know that I'm missing some components, and while I'm used to building
> apps under Windows, I'm not as familiar under a unix-type environment.
> I appear to be missing automake & perl so I'm not even getting through
> the bootstrap script - any ideas of what versions I should be running?

Ah, you are trying to compile the development version of vlc (aka vlc-0.5)!
This is why you've got all these problems.

The win32 port hasn't been able to keep-up with all the recent changes in 
vlc-0.5. These are the things that are known to be problematic right now in 
the development branch:

- The build system doesn't appear to be working anymore when run under 
MSYS+MINGW. It looks like an automake problem (the bootstrap script hangs 
when generating the Makefiles).
By the way, you can try this on you computer maybe you'll have more luck 
than me. But you'll need to to download and install the MSYS-DTK 
(development toolkit) which provides automake and autoconf.

- With a recent cvs snapshot you can also try to compile vlc with the cygwin 
environment (www.cygwin.com). However building vlc with cygwin hasn't been 
fully tested yet and my be problematic.

- The MSVC project files are unmaintained and way out of date. But you could 
maybe try to update them and send us the changes for inclusion ( it might 
not be that easy ;).

- The audio outputs are currently broken on Win32 (waveout and directx 
plugins), but I should be able to fix that shortly.

To summarize the situation about the build system. The only one that is 
known to work perfectly and tested regularly is cross-compiling under 

Hope this helps,

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