[vlc-devel] Trouble building/running VLC for RH 8

Nils Berzins nberch at db.lv
Mon Oct 21 09:50:37 CEST 2002


I have some problems running VLC on RedHat 8.0 system. I configure
it as "./configure --disable-dvd --enable-gnome" and then gmake it.
When I run it and try to open DivX movie, I get following error:

> VideoLAN Client - version 0.4.5_2002-10-20 Ourumov - (c) 1996-2002 VideoLAN
> input init: AVIH: 2 stream, flags  HAS_INDEX IS_INTERLEAVED
> input init: video(DIV3) 512x277 24bpp 25.000000fps (size 0)
> input init: audio(0x55) 2 channels 48000Hz 0bits 12000.000000fps (size 1)
> input error: no suitable decoder module for type 0x42

I can play the same file on my MacOS X machine without any problems.

Best Regards
Nils Berzin

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