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Tue Sep 3 14:00:25 CEST 2002

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/src/misc
Modified Files:
      Tag: v0_4_1_branch

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/plugins/beos
Modified Files:
      Tag: v0_4_1_branch
	DrawingTidbits.cpp InterfaceWindow.cpp MediaControlView.cpp 
	TransportButton.cpp intf_beos.cpp intf_vlc_wrapper.cpp 
	vout_beos.cpp Bitmaps.h DrawingTidbits.h InterfaceWindow.h 
	MediaControlView.h MsgVals.h PlayListWindow.h 
	TransportButton.h VideoWindow.h intf_vlc_wrapper.h 

Log Message:
- Implemented VlcApplication::RefsReceived()
- this added ability to open a file by dropping its icon onto the vlc icon
- this makes Open With... work as well
- A message is sent to be_app when the interface is created
	(needed to support BApplication::RefsReceived())
- reacts on Escape and Tab key to switch fullscreen/window mode
- blanks cursor when no activity
- Fixed a memory leak in VideoWindow::ScreenChanged()
- Fixed the ugly scrambled video content before any decoding actually begins
- Added selectable aspect ratio correction
- Added better error handling when setting the drawing mode
- Implemented dynamic view layout
- Fixed crashes in MessageReceived() when no file was loaded
- Implemented disabling of menus when no file is loaded
- Added "Speed" menu
- Added ability to enable navigation menu items according to features of current stream
- Cleaned up code somewhat
- Changed parts of LanguageMenu::GetChannels() to show more user friendly and no invalid entries
- better support for muting and volume info
- better support for scrubbing and detection of stopped stream
- Added dynamic layout of elements
- Exchanged rewind/fastforward buttons for skip buttons that skip to the next chapter if stream supports it.
- made nicer looking SeekSlider similar to BeOS MediaPlayer
- made VolumeSlider similar to BeOS MediaPlayer, plus additional features that one doesn't have (muted state)
- got rid of MediaSlider (no need for it anymore)
- detection of stopped stream
- Added bitmaps for VolumeSlider
- added set_volume() and is_muted() functions
- fixed a bug in toggle_muted()

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