adding vout module to tree

Bram Stolk bram at
Wed Sep 4 17:46:28 CEST 2002


After doing some tests on the dummy vout module, I want to add
a vout module to the tree.
The build system does not seem to follow traditional
autoconf/automake conventions (e.g. there is only 1 in the toplvl), so I'm not sure how to add a
module. (Maybe this info could go into HACKING file?)

To add a module, I editted these files:

M modules/video_output/Makefile
M modules/LIST

and created:

? modules/video_output/shm.c 
which is modelled after dummy vout.c

This will build me a, which gets installed nicely in
along with the and vout modules.

However, when starting 'vlc --vout shm', I get:
[00:00004e] main video output error: no video output module matched "shm"
[00:00004e] main video output error: no suitable vout module
[00:00004c] mpeg_video decoder error: cannot open vout, aborting

What did I forget?



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