[vlc-devel] vlc buffer is growing with kfir

Nicolas Croiset (VDL) ncroiset at vdldiffusion.com
Thu Apr 3 15:59:15 CEST 2003


I download the latest CVS (02/04/2003) of vlc. I use one vlc under linux 
redhat 7.2 as an output stream server (multicast IP). The input is the BMk 
card from linuxtv.org. I get the stream via and resend it via this command 
line : /usr/local/bin/vlc kfir:/dev/video0 --sout udp/ts://

When I launch the vlc server under Linux and I launch a vlc client under 
windows (0.5.2) I have an elapsed time of about 2 seconds. After 1 hour, 
this elapsed time was growing to 30 seconds. with top we can see that vlc 
server had used more memory. When we stop vlc client and restart it, we 
have the same elapsed time. whe we stop vlc server and restart it the 
elapsed time retur to the original value (2 seconds).

I am ready to tests some patches to solve this problem.

Here is some debug messages :
VideoLAN Client 0.5.3-test2 Natalya
[00000151] dummy interface: Utilisation du plugin d'interface qui ne fait 
[00000152] main input: playlist item `kfir:/dev/video0'
[00000154] access_output_udp private: Open: addr:`' port:`1234'
[00000156] mux_ts_dvbpsi private: Open
[00000157] packetizer_mpegvideo decoder: Running mpegvideo packetizer
[00000158] packetizer_mpegaudio decoder: Running mpegaudio packetizer

Nicolas Croiset                   ncroiset at vdl.fr
Tel : +33 4 72 84 06 04   Fax : +33 4 72 84 06 02

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