[vlc-devel] problems with the libmpeg2-plug-in

Felix Kühne FK at aenneburghardt.de
Tue Apr 22 15:06:01 CEST 2003

I'm using the current package of the local-folder for building vlc 
under Mac OS X. Normally, I'm able to build it without problems. Today 
(after I havn't build it for 1 1/2 weeks), I've tried (under Mac OS X 
10.2.5) to build the current cvs-source, but I got that message:
checking for libmpeg2 version >= 0.3.2... no
configure: error: Your libmpeg2 is too old (you need the cvs version): 
you may get a more recent one from http://libmpeg2.sf.net/. 
Alternatively you can use --disable-libmpeg2 to disable the libmpeg2 

I've downloaded the cvs-variant of the plug-in, but when I try to 
bootstrap it, I get the following messages:
configure.in:10: `automake requires `AM_CONFIG_HEADER', not 
configure.in:10: required file `include/config.h.in' not found
+ autoconf
configure.in:2: error: Autoconf version 2.54 or higher is required for 
this script
configure.in:2: the top level
+ rm -f config.cache

I know that the plug-in is not from you, but do you have an idea, how I 
get it and so the cvs-variant of vlc to run?


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