[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (titer)

Eric Petit titer at videolan.org
Wed Apr 23 11:47:21 CEST 2003

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003, Sigmund Augdal wrote:
> >  Any idea how to fix this ? For untranslated
> > strings, gettext leaves the english text unchanged
> > (http://www.gnu.org/manual/gettext/html_node/gettext_149.html), so the
> > BeOS english interface is currently broken. IMHO we'd have to 1) convert
> > _every_ string by hand in vlc_dgettext() or 2) use UTF-8 po files, as
> > most interfaces handle it correctly.
> afaik plain 7 bit ascii (which should be able to reprecent all english) is
> valid utf8 and should not have to be converted.

 That's right, I forgot to say that BeOS adds "..." to menu items
that lead to a new window. This "..." is a special UTF-8 character
("\xE2\x80\xA6"), and concatenating it to the ASCII string doesn't work
properly so these items are broken. Removing it would be a working
workaround, but I've been told UTF-8 strings may help in the others
interface, so using it may be a good idea anyway.

Eric Petit <titer at videolan.org>
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