[vlc-devel] Re: Pause / Play latency when streaming from one VLC to another

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Wed Aug 6 12:43:52 CEST 2003


> Did you have a look at the --foo-caching options ? (where foo is the 
> access
> plugin, eg. --udp-caching, --file-caching, --http-caching, etc...)
> These options modify the caching delay between the demuxers and 
> outputs.
> There's also the --udp-sout-caching option for the stream output.

These options do seem to help.  It's not quite the 'instant freeze / 
instant play' behavior exhibited by, say, DVD players, but it's closer. 
  Hopefully on the fast network (and fast boxes) at work, it will be 
close enough.  Thank you!



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