[vlc-devel] Doing an lseek() with VOB files ...

j.zorko at att.net j.zorko at att.net
Fri Aug 8 22:12:57 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

I'm finding that if I lseek() to a byte position in a VOB file via input_Seek( position, 
INPUT_SEEK_BYTES | INPUT_SEEK_SET ), that the video is jumbled up for a bit after the seek.  I 
attribute this to the video decoder still having old data from before the seek, and P or B frames 
referencing this data (i.e. .  So, i've a couple of questions:

1. After doing a seek, how do I clear out the decoder so that it starts with new data read after 
the seek has happened?
2. Is there a certain reference point I can seek to to make #1 not needed?  I tried doing an 
lseek() directly to a sequence header, but that didn't reduce the jumble.  I also tried lseeking to 
the pack header before the sequence header, but that didn't fix it, either.  I don't mind getting 
into the codec interface code (libmpeg2.c for instance), but if I could keep stuff like this in the 
upper levels (in case we decide to use another MPEG decoder) that would be cool ...



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