[vlc-devel] Re: Doing an lseek() with VOB files ...

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Wed Aug 13 23:29:44 CEST 2003

j.zorko at att.net wrote:
> I should probably make something a bit more cogent -- the only code I added to VLC in the 
> above piece is the fopen / fprintf / fclose.  Everything else was already there -- I only added the 
> fopen / fprintf / fclose code to try to narrow down where the problem may be happening.  A 
> quick look at modules/demux/mpeg/system.c will make this clear.

I missed that one and did not look at the code in system.c (perhaps I 

> Anyway, that fopen / fprintf / fclose only happened on the client VLC 7 times during my test, 
> while I seeked on the server VLC providing the stream dozens of times.  Can I infer from this 
> that the server VLC, after a seek, is not setting the discontinuity bit in the TS header correctly 
> before sending it out?

No, because you are looking at the wrong place I think. Only at the 
creation of TS packet the discontinuity bit can be set in the header. 
How the access/demux can tell the packetiser/muxer? I do not know.

Can you tell which scenario you were using when this fopen/fprint/fclose
gets triggered?
*) Streaming and seeking at the server side?
*) Streaming and seeking on the client side?
*) Only client and then seeking?

Jean-Paul Saman.

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