[vlc-devel] Re: About TS streaming play back

Jean-Paul Saman saman at natlab.research.philips.com
Tue Aug 26 09:22:13 CEST 2003

Limin Wang wrote:
> I am trying to make pause,play fast,play slow button active when play MPEG2 TS streaming. So I modify the flag in modules/access/udp.c Line 236
>   p_input->stream.b_pace_control = 0; ==>   p_input->stream.b_pace_control = 1;

If a stream comes from the network (a streaming server) then the client 
can not take control of the playing rate, the server is in control. So 
you need some mechanism to talk to the server, so it can play the stream 
slower or faster.

A protocol is needed for this, e.g: RTSP.

> However then when I play back MPEG2 TS streaming, it'll be halted after play 5-6 seconds. I haven't do any other changes to the code except this.
> Am  I misunderstand it or how to solve this problem?  For I want to make these button works in streaming mode so that I can do some control to server.
Currently it is not possible to talk to the streamer server and to 
control the playing rate.

Someone is however working on getting fast forward and rewind possible 
on server and client, but that work is not finished yet.

Kind greetings,

Jean-Paul Saman

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