[vlc-devel] Re: libcddb added, playlist interface - disappointing

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Dec 1 09:56:16 CET 2003

Short reply on some of the issues

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 09:01:44AM +0100, Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
> Combining several of your messages here, rocky. It's gonna be a long  
> read :)
> >>The gtk interface on the other hand haven't
> >>been updated since this was included in the api and just puts "no  
> >>info"
> >>reguardless. I have a patch for the gtk interface to set this  
> >>properly, and
> >>could commit it if anyone wants it.
> >
> >Yes, I'd appreciate it if you commit it. Or remove the gtk interface
> >altogether - but let's not leave an interface that you know has
> >problems and you know how to easily solve.
Commited. That change was _old_.
> That's too much work. The problem about removing stuff from the  
> distribution is that they guaranteed will never be fixed. I prefer too  
> lower there priority until someone decides too fix it. And we should  
> work with the packagers to have them disable those interfaces and force  
> the wxwindows one onto users. If an interface is so broken it is no  
> longer able to play a file, only then I'm for removing the interface.
the gtk interface still beats the wxwindows interface in the messages
window. It also have a playlist window that is usable while the sap module
> >In the wxwindows case it is just a
> >>matter of uncommenting a few lines.
> >
> >>From what I could see, I have a feeling it's a little more than
> >that. So I'd again greatly appreciate it if it were done.
> >
> >But to do the job properly there should be a routine that converts
> >seconds to a nice hour/minute/second string. In
> >modules/access/cdda/access.c, I have this:
> >
> >static
> >char * secs2TimeStr( int64_t i_sec )
> >{
> >  int h = i_sec / 3600;
> >  int m = ( i_sec / 60 ) % 60;
> >  int s = i_sec % 60;
> >  static char buffer[20];
> >
> >  snprintf(buffer, 20, "%d:%2.2d:%2.2d", h, m, s);
> >  return buffer;
> >}
> Add it.. :) no clue where though.
Don't add this, it's not thread safe, nor reentrant.

> >
> >which in turn is derived from code in modules/demux/mkv.cpp. If such a
> >routine already exists or gets added, it would great to remove the
> >duplication of code.
> indeed.
There is such code in the gtk interface as well now. Moving it to core
whould be a good thing.

> >Or one could show the media information down on the bottom of the
> >control panel where the MRL is shown.
> I disagree. we should use the OSD for this. much more useful and less  
> work.
Why not both? And having some user-configurable format string getting info
from the info structures?

> >Information fields like the length of a CD or the CD Title has the
> >scope of the entire CD; if these fields were copied into each playlist
> >item there would be an update and duplication problem. So what you'd
> >want here, as I think others have mentioned, would be a pointer to
> >this common global information.
The idea of using a tree structure for the playlist have been discussed
earlier. It makes sense in some cases but in others it's just to
complicated. At least for the user, such a tree is bad. zorglub have
introduced the concept of playlist groups. This effectivly turns the
playlist into a tree with depth 2. In this case it whould be a good idea (in
my oppinion) to create a group for the audio CD with the name of the CD, and
put all the tracks in it. Perhaps in the future we should add the
possibility to add info about the group as well as the items.


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