[vlc-devel] Re: VLC-0.7.1 crash with matrix revolutions trailer

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Wed Dec 3 14:04:17 CET 2003

Could you send the craslog please?
C the messages window to open it.

> The trailer seems to use a SVQ3 codec. Here is a snippit from the last
> lines before VLC get killed.
> 00000200] ffmpeg decoder debug: libavcodec already initialized
> [00000200] ffmpeg decoder debug: ffmpeg codec (MPEG AAC Audio) started
> [00000012] main module debug: using decoder module "ffmpeg"
> [00000200] main decoder debug: thread 98311 (decoder) created at
> priority 0 (src/input/input_dec.c:158)
> [00000123] main module debug: using demux module "mp4"
> [00000196] mp4 input warning: DEMUX_GET_FPS unimplemented !!
> [00000199] main decoder debug: no usable vout present, spawning one
> [00000201] main video output debug: looking for video output module
> [00000201] main video output debug: probing 7 candidates
> Killed
> Attached to this mail is the complete error log from another run. It
> looks to me as there is a variable accessed that has not been
> initialized yet, which causes this crash.
> I hope this information is enough to trackdown and fix this problem.
> --
> Kind greetings,
> Jean-Paul Saman

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