[vlc-devel] switching audio-subtitle-interlace mode (I BEG for help !!!)

Mario Shroom mario.shroom at caramail.com
Mon Dec 22 08:54:22 CET 2003

Hello everyone,

Sorry to insist about this (I know you are pretty busy with the 0.7.0 release),
but I REALLY really really need help....

A few days ago, I've sent these  mails :
>>Currently, the only public functions offered by the vlc mozilla plug-in are : 
>>play(), pause(), stop(), fullscreen() 
>>I would like to add a function for selecting an audio or subtitle PID on the 
>>fly. It seems that I should use the VLC_Set function. 
>>But I can't find any info about the function parameters. 
>>Could someone give me an example using VLC_Set where there is 
>>an audio pid change ? 

>>I think that I should use something like :
>>VLC_Set( p_plugin->i_vlc, "conf::XXX", YYY );
>>But I don't know what to put for XXX and YYY
>>in order to change the audio language !
>>Any hint would be greatly helpful....

>>I m using the mozilla plugin for my application.
>>According to my video inputs (vob files or tv inputs), I would like to
>>be able to choose interlace ON or OFF on the fly and without having
>>to stop my plug-in, change the configuration file and restart the plug-in.
>>I guess I have to add some public functions to the plugin-in.
>>Could someone give me some help about the code to do this ?

Help !


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