[vlc-devel] Re: VLC O.7.0-test3 available

Jason Luka jason at geshp.com
Sun Dec 28 10:59:34 CET 2003

Gildas Bazin wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>While waiting for all the translations to be ready, we've uploaded a last 
>test release. If no major problems are discovered in this test version then 
>it should be identical to what will be released very soon as 0.7.0 ( minus 
>the translations of course ;)
>The test version is available here:
>Right now only the win32 binary is available but others should follow.
RedHat/Fedora compiled with no problems. The .spec file should be 
practically the same as in the CVS now, no patch needed. I tried 
uploading the tarballs, but I've been having problems with my 
connection, so it may be Wednesday before I can get it on the FTP site.

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