[vlc-devel] VLC 0.5.0 Media player for iPaq

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 3 21:05:48 CET 2003

  The VideoLAN team is absolutely delighted to announce version 0.5.0
of VLC, the most beautiful cross-platform multimedia player that has a
traffic cone as its logo, codenamed "sleeping is for weenies".

  VLC Media Player is a multi platform multimedia player that can read 
from network (UDP, RTP, HTTP, ipv4 or ipv6), file or DVD. It supports 
multiple media formats MPEG1/2 PS/TS, MP3, DivX, Mpeg4, OggVorbis 
codecs, etc. See the features page for a full listing of what is 
currently supported under Familiar Linux:


  It is our extreme pleasure to deliver the following long-awaited
major features (not all are available in all ports):

     - DVD navigation

     - new stream output architecture, allowing to act as a stream server

     - new audio output architecture, with S/PDIF support, multi-channel
       support, volume setting

     - new codecs: Ogg/Vorbis, AAC, ADPCM, Xvid, DV, and many more

     - support for DivX subtitles

     - a Mozilla plugin based on VLC

     - localization support

  Unfortunately the feature list would be too long to post here, and
spam filters would block it because there is so much sexy stuff in it,
thus we suggest you have a look at the release notes here:


  You can download binary packages for vlc_0.5.0_arm.ipk (X11/GTK+)
and gpe-vlc_0.5.0_arm.ipk (GPE) here :


Or as ipkg feed on the following location:


  Binary versions are available for other platforms as well, see the
webpage at for more information:



For the VLC team,
Jean-Paul Saman

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