[vlc-devel] Localization policy

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Sat Feb 8 18:42:05 CET 2003

Dear friends,

Since only one person can work on a .po file at a time, we need a 
strong policy to avoid having to merge po files coming from two 
contributors. I suggest that we use the following scheme, inspired by 
gnome developers :

===== 0.5.x development =====> | <====== 0.5.x string freeze =====> release
                                              (one week)

During the development phase, developers can do --update-po at any 
time, and add strings to be localized everywhere. Translators 
shouldn't work on po files then since they may change often. One week 
before the release, the strings are frozen, and no one may run 
--update-po nor add new localized strings to the source (_(), N_(), 
_NS()), nor change messages. A new vlc-po-files.tar.gz package is 
done and translators work on it. Before the release new po files are 
integrated, and strings are de-frozen shortly after the release.

If this scheme suits everybody, I suggest that we do a string freeze 
tomorrow night, for a 0.5.1 release scheduled at the end of the week.

Christophe Massiot.
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